Grand Theft Auto The popular games for everyone

Grand Theft Auto is really the first video game released in 1997. It was so successful that nine separate games followed, including 3 expansion packs. In fact, this is a game in the adventure action genre, created by Rockstar North, although at that time they were called DMA Design. In this game, you play the role of a criminal in a big city, where you have to participate in various illegal activities, such as killing or stealing banks. The editor of the game, Rockstar Games, allowed to download the gta 5 kostenlos game completely free from its website.

The game covers 3 main cities

The player is expected to complete a series of assignments assigned by the local gang or union of which you are a member. The effective and early implementation of such tasks will allow the participant to obtain enough points and go to the next level. At each subsequent level, the complexity of the task will also increase. Those who do not earn enough time may be prohibited from doing other tasks.

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Gamer Grand Theft Auto has considerable freedom of movement compared to other games of the time. Some criminal actions can have a multiplier effect on the number of points scored. For example, using a police car instead of a civilian car can double the amount of points earned. Although the destination is fixed, the player can choose the route to get there. Performing assigned missions can allow the player to explore other new locations.

The three cities fictitious

Although the names of the three cities are fictitious, they are based on real cities in the United States. Liberty City is really based in New York, Vice City is based in Miami and San Andreas is mainly based in the state of California. The 3 locations suffer from crime and the violence of criminal syndicates and local gangs. Many of the local officials and the police are also corrupt. There are eight male characters to choose from, although they all wear the same yellow sweater. However, you can find out more color of your pants as well as the hair. A player can also choose his own name, but certain names can act as cheat codes and the game will change.

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