General Proxy Overview

General Proxy Overview

Known as a beneficial and reliable computer program or application, a proxy server helps people access other computers. Technically, this term is usually associated with computer systems that need some services, files, or resources that are only available in computer systems that have different servers. To obtain access to the resources that the clients need, this computer program evaluates the requests of the computer system according to the filtering rules that it uses. After that, it sends client requests, establishing a connection to a meaningful server.


Most people use this computer program to maintain their security because, with a proxy server, the client’s identity remains private or anonymous. Besides, some customers use this computer application to increase the speed of access to the files or resources they need through caching. Therefore, computer users can access web cache resources from trusted and secure servers.

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Different types

Before using a proxy, it is essential that computer users know the different types and functions of these computer programs. For example, proxy caching servers are used to speed up requests that have already been made by the same client in the past. On the other hand, for computer users who want to access web caches, it is better to use a youtube proxy. Meanwhile, those who want to protect their data when they access some web pages on the Internet can use anonymous proxy servers. Other types of software that people can use are content filtering proxies, hostile proxy servers, and interception proxies. Besides, clients can also use open proxies, forced proxies, and reverse proxies.

Risks associated with the use of computer programs.

For those who regularly use this software to access other servers, they need to see the passwords and record the information they usually provide. In some cases, malicious proxy servers retain all the personal information that clients provide when they use programs. Risks increase when clients use anonymous computer applications because there is no way they can obtain confidential information they use. As a reminder, all computer users should be familiar with the policies of the administrators of these computer programs before using proxy servers.