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The need for nurses in Singapore rose quickly due to the rapid growth in aging population and spreading of chronic disease. There are more than 42000 certified nurses singapore. There is a demand for nurses in Singapore and there are plenty of nurses in Singapore but still no job for nurses in Singapore. This doesn’t make any sense. The reason behind this confusion is lack of organization. There was nobody to find the certified nurses in Singapore and send them to the organizations that need them the most. But now there is Jaga-me an organization that gathers all the certified nurses around the country and finds them a job according to their specifications in an approved organization. You have to apply in their official website and they will hire you when you’re requirements and the client’s requirement matches.

They never ask for your personal information. You can choose your working time and working schedule more like a freelance job.  You can hire only the best nurses because they provide a pay scale you can’t imagine. They care much about your professional growth and personal development. In order to make you feel comfortable and focused on work, Jaga-me uses digital transactions. If you are stuck in a tricky or dangerous situation, no need to worry Jaga-me’s support team is on the way. Nurses can ask for solutions from our live customer support team anytime. The customer support can help you to change your professional information and consent or withdraw your access. Jaga-me is much likely made for personal nurses because personal nurses spend more time with their patients than spending on their personal life. They can build relationship with the patient and make a huge impact on the patient’s health improvement. Hence, Jaga-me is an ideal job finding organization for the certified nurses in Singapore.