My 1979 Chevrolet: My Favorite Truck


Looking back at all the vehicles I have owned, I have had some favorites. As far as the best truck I have ever owned, it would be my 1979 Chevrolet 1/2 ton 4 wheel drive. I purchased this truck in 1984, with the help of my late father. The truck had 49,000 original miles and the purchase price was $4,500.00 dollars. I was 19 years old at this time and did not have any real credit established. My father co signed for a loan from our bank and I purchased my very first vehicle with a loan.

The truck was in excellent condition. It was owned by a fire chief in Waterford Michigan and was kept in very clean condition. The truck was waxed almost on a weekly basis. The owner also was very good about the maintenance on the truck. Oil changes, filters, all the other fluids were checked and changed as needed. The truck did not need anything when I purchased it. My father was an automotive technician and a very good mechanic. He looked the truck over very well before we exchanged the money for the title. cek ongkir pandu logistik

This truck was as bare bones as you could get in 1979. It had a 250 cid straight 6 engine, automatic transmission, power steering and brakes. There was no chrome trim on the exterior. White painted bumpers AM/FM stereo but no cassette player.

As I was really into custom vehicles at the time, I decided to do some cosmetic upgrades. I added chrome bumpers front and rear, chrome wheels and larger tires, a chrome tubular grill with headlight covers. Also I gave it a custom paint job and added a sliding rear window. The paint went from a solid medium blue to a two tone light and dark blue with silver and candy red strips in between the two blues. For the interior, I added an AM/FM cassette player and blue carpet to match the blue interior of the truck. I really made the truck my own with all the modifications.

I drove this truck for two years and it never failed to start. It was the most reliable truck I have owned to this day. The sad news is that someone else wanted my truck more than me and stole it on Dec 19 th of 1986. There was no trace of it after that. I find it hard to believe because it was not a truck you could mistake for any other truck of the same make and model. My truck was unique in every way.