Things you need to know about smart Switch

smart switch

Wouldn’t it be better if, just like your smartphone, your electrical switches also become smart switches? As which will provide you more convenience and would also help you to save on your electricity bills.

As they will turn on and off automatically, depending upon your availability. Automating a single lamp post is quite easy and can be done just by replacing the light bulb. But it is not practical because every time goes out of order it has to be replaced, which is costlier. What if you can automate your switch instead of a single bulb. As it will give you more freedom and flexibility to automate anything that you run with that switch. Today with the development of technology, smart switch are also available.

Unlike traditional turning on or off, these switches can be controlled easily with your smartphones. This also reduces the risk of getting electrical shocks. This switch uses your home Wi-Fi and requires some control device. 

Price Ranges

Their average price may vary somewhere between $50 to $100. Many switches come with dimmer options and are beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated in their looks when compared to other switches. 


Some more advanced features available in this Smart Switch are:

  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Voice recognition Options

It’s not always a win-win situation. One major drawback with them is that you will need some skilled technicians for replacement and maintenance.