Tips to fasten your clothes instead of buttons

 Earlier, buttons were not only useful for fastening the garment but also seen as a part of the decoration on dresses and as the fashion industry started developing the fashion statement is also having a lot of changes and one such is button alternatives. This is not only the cause of replacing the buttons but specifically, when dresses for babies these buttons are a threat because they get loose, often, so when babies see them, there are high risks of babies chewing them and getting choked up and when babies turn themselves while sleeping, these buttons may press on the child’s body causing pain and irritation, so parents found these alternatives a better choice and even kids sew their loosening button often. There are many methods and replacements for buttons that are being introduced like Velcro, snap tap, sew-on press studs, and much more.

Starting with Velcro they are the best substitute for buttons and both fixing it with the matching color thread and using this product in a dress is very easy and unlike buttons, you can cut these according to the measurements you like it to be and children can wear the dress themselves by just fixing the Velcro thus being the best option for kids clothing. Next on the list is Sew-on Press Studs also known as Snaps is easily available, cheap, and easy to fix which gives an extra closure to the clothing.

The third option is Kam snaps. These are plastic made that come in a variety of colors, length, style and are most useful in purses, cloth diapers, and diaper clutches and you can fix them easily.

Snap tape, like the name implies, are the tapes with numbers of evenly spaced snaps fixed in the tape, they are very secure and are most useful in infant wears, duvet covers, screens, bodysuits, and much more. Hook and eyes are useful to provide extra safety in case the zippers roll down is another choice. Other than these there are many options like toggles, magnets, poppers that you can use instead of buttons.