How to choose a motorcycle intercom

Motorcycle intercoms improve communication while riding. They enable both trouble-free conversation with the passenger and listening to music or navigation voice instructions. These devices undoubtedly increase the comfort of traveling, so it is not surprising that motorcyclists are increasingly choosing to buy them. Intercoms are devices that belong to very practical motorcycle gadgets. Their function will be especially appreciated by people who often travel with a passenger or group of friends riding several machines. Thanks to them, the problem of lack of communication while driving is effectively removed.

With the help of these small devices placed in the helmet, you can talk to the passenger or inform colleagues about the stop. Many of them also allow you to listen to music and play voice from popular applications such as Google Maps. Every detail is important during the rally. A minor mistake or misunderstanding of the pilot can decide not only to lose but also to fall off the route. That’s why so many drivers decide to buy a helmet intercom. Thanks to business intercom systems, they can hear the pilot’s words more easily. However, it is worth finding out which elements you need to pay particular attention to when choosing your intercom for a helmet.

Business Intercom Systems

Types of intercoms

There are two types of motorcycle intercoms: wired and wireless. Devices with a cable can be cheaper, which often determines their choice by drivers. They can also boast longer battery life, which does not require such frequent charging. Due to the presence of cables, the installation of wired intercoms takes longer and is slightly less comfortable to use. Wireless devices for communication use Bluetooth technology, which greatly simplifies the case. Good quality devices business intercom systems have a range of several hundred meters, ensuring efficient contact with other travel participants. In fact, their only drawback is the need to charge the battery, which should be remembered before the trip.

What to look for when buying?

Which intercom you choose should largely depend on your preferences. In our opinion, it is worth paying extra to wireless devices that are more comfortable to use. If apart from talking with the passenger, we also want to listen to music together, it is worth ensuring that the intercom allows sharing of sound. However, we immediately point out that the quality of played songs even in high-end intercoms is not at a high level. So when buying intercom mainly for musical purposes, we can be a bit disappointed. It is also worth checking the operating time on one charge and the charging time. To connect with other motorcycles, let’s check the range of wireless connectivity. Manufacturers often overstate the results, so it’s better to lower them slightly when you look at them. However, the waterproof case cannot be missing.