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SMS blast services Singapore

Many organizations make use of the text blasting system to “text blast” huge number of people simultaneously. It is because the text message blast will be easy to organize and effective in reaching the people than other mode of communication.

SMS blast services Singapore is commonly used by retail industry as the key part of the mobile marketing strategy. But, many different kinds of organization take benefit of the text blast services to generate engagement as well as build relationships in their communities.

The advantages that the text blasting services have over other mode of communication are that it’s the permission-based activity. And people need to opt for to get text blast messages as well as are more receptive to such messages, and likely to engage to the sender and share blast messages with the friends, families or colleagues.

SMS blast services SingaporeWhy to choose an SMS Blast?

The text blasting system makes use of Short Message Service (or SMS) technology as almost all mobile phone devices support such technology. Around 98% of the people have got mobile device, which will receive SMS blast, while just 68% of population owns the mobile device that will receive email and support messaging apps.

An SMS blast gives the text message recipients an opportunity to reply. This opportunity exists with the messages sent via email or social media, however text blast messages generally have the higher open rate compared to marketing emails – whereas just 29% of the Tweets & 12% of the Facebook posts are read.