Nutritional benefits of durian

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Durian is a famous fruit in Southeast Asia and also knows as the king of the fruits. It comes with many nutritional values and is also used in many traditional medicines. The husk and the smell is the reason why some people do not like to eat the fruit but the durian lover’s say that the fruits taste so good that one can ignore the pungent smell. If you are unable to go out to buy your favorite food then you can buy durian online singapore.

  • The durian fruit can make you happy the way chocolate makes you happy. The durian contains substances that can make humans relax and happy. So now you know the reason why always you feel happy vibes when you eat the fruit.
  • Nowadays you can find many people suffering from hypertension. This hypertension can lead to cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and kidney problems. The durian fruit helps to normalize the blood pressure but one thing to keep in mind is this can happen only when you take the fruit at a moderate level.
  • The hormone which controls human sleep is melatonin. The higher the level of melatonin the better the person can sleep. The durian fruit has the type of amino acid in it that helps to increase the levels of melatonin which will give you a sweet sleep. So having one seed of durian while sleeping is good for you.
  • The durian fruit is full of vitamin C which helps to increase antibodies in your body. The antibodies help to reduce the pigmentation and wrinkles by fighting the free radicals. So having this food in your diet will enhance your beauty but remember you can see this result only when you consume at a moderate level.
  • If you any time feel that your energy levels have come down and need more energy for work then you just need to have one see of durian. It contains carbohydrates which will give you instant energy.


To get the above benefits include durian in your diet but in moderate levels.