The Newest Trend In Cookie Decorating Party One Must Try. 

Cookie decorating parties are a great idea for either a social gathering or business event. Cookies can be decorated in many different ways, such as holiday themes such as Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day, as well as favorite cartoon characters and favorite sports team logos. The cookie decorating party can be held any time of year for just about any occasion, with the most popular times being during the holiday season. A cookie decorating party is a modern idea since it takes place in the home instead of a venue. It’s also a good alternative to a cookie exchange because you can make a bunch of desserts to take, or you can take cookies home from attending other people’s parties.

What is a Cookie Decorating Party?

One of the best parts of the holiday season is gathering with family and friends. While there may not be the usual festivities this year, you can find new ways to celebrate the season with those you love. A virtual cookie decorating party is an easy, fun way to spread holiday cheer. Just like an in-person party, one will be left with delicious, sweet treats to enjoy at the end of it. The only difference is one will be decorating your cookies in the comfort and safety of your own home while your friends and family do the same — but one will be gathered virtually. To make it extra special, prepare cooking decorating kits ahead of time to deliver to those participating in your virtual party. Drop them at the doorsteps of your loved ones ahead of time, so they have everything they need and will be extra excited for the event.

How to get started with?

  1. Assemble boxes filled with cookie decorating essentials. For each kit, carefully wrap eight store-bought sugar cookies in plastic wrap to avoid breaking and place them in a Smart Seal plastic container. Fill mini POP containers with a couple of different festive sprinkle options and fill three silicone decorating bottles with colored frosting.
  1. Wrap and deliver. Place all the items in boxes and tie each with a bow. Then deliver the kits to the participant’s doorsteps or mailboxes.
  1. When it’s party time, unwrap the box and log in. When it’s time for the virtual cooking decorating party, each guest will unwrap their kits, log on, and get out their items for decorating.
  1. Decorate! Let everyone express their creativity virtually. A bent icing knife makes it easy to spread the frosting on the sugar cookies before decorating them with a mix of festive sprinkles. Be sure to go around the virtual room to have everyone proudly show off their cookies before enjoying them.

 A cookie decorating party is a sweet holiday tradition that’s easy to keep this year. Making these decorating kits for family and friends is a thoughtful way to stay connected.