What Are The Features Of Limousine Service

The characteristic and defining feature of a limousine car is the partition of the car’s interior into the driver and the passenger section. A flat sheet of metal or painted glass separates the driver from the passenger, most of the times a small sliding section is provided in the middle of the partitioning wall so that the passenger can converse with the driver and see the road ahead.

Some common features of a modern limousine

  • Can be bulletproof – For transporting high profile customers or VVIPs certain companies modify their limousines to be bulletproof. These modifications include a thicker bulletproof glass on the windows as well as a thicker plating on the body.
  • Refrigerators – Most limos are equipped with a small refrigerator in the back to store one’s champagne or other beverages along with a place to store their shot or wine glasses. Some limos have an additional fridge in the truck so that one’s spontaneous binge drinking habits can be met.
  • Sunroof – Certain Limousine comes with a sliding sunroof in the back so that a passenger can sip his favorite beverage while looking at the stars or engage in deep conversations with his significant other while looking at the sky or do both.
  • A TV and a media player in the back – Limos are sometimes provided with a small TV panel attached to a media player and depending upon the decade of its manufacture, the older media players can play cassettes, CDs, DVDs, etc. while the new ones can offer the option of streaming channels online through the in-car wi-fi.
  • Wi-Fi – The newer Limos offer an in-build Wi-Fi service for its customers to use, a customer can either stream videos or the media player of the car or can use the car’s wi-fi on their electronic devices.
  • Massaging rear seats- Certain limos provide the option of massaging rear seats for their passenger’s comfort.

Some Limos construct their passenger sides to be partially or completely soundproof and thus they are seldom provided with an intercom on both sides for conversations. So, go ahead order a Limo from a reputed Limo rental company such as Limousine Service.