Benefits of Protein Supplements

protein fx bars

The protein bar or protein bar meets a certain success in the world of sport and particular bodybuilding. Of different types, protein bars look like cereal bars while being higher in protein, as their name suggests, and can be based on egg protein, soy, casein or whey (whey or small) -lait, that is to say, the liquid part of the curd). The protein bar is a pleasure food that can increase its protein intake without a significant intake of sugar.

Protein bar: characteristics

The protein fx bars or rather the protein bars should we say there are so many different types on the market, are in the form of sticks wrapped in flexible packaging, very convenient to carry in his gym bag or handbag.

The protein bar is above all a snack presented as “good for your health” because it is rich in protein, easier to eat at work or after a workout than a piece of bread with ham and cheese. a yogurt for example!

Looking more closely at their nutritional composition, we realize that there are variations in terms of caloric intake and content of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Different types of protein bars

There are different types of protein bars and various brands. All, however, are ideal for lasting hunger, after a workout or bodybuilding or to develop muscle mass. Some protein bars without added sugar are called slimming and are presented as a perfect snack when watching his line.

Here are some examples of protein bars of different types:

  • Vegetable protein bars: vanilla flavor, chocolate, “Pulsin Protein snack” with 12 g of protein for a 50 g bar:
  • These are rice and pea proteins, gluten-free and additive-free.
  • Rich in fiber for an increased satiating effect.
  • Sweetened with xylitol, a natural sweetener, this energy bar, and vegetable protein will be suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • protein fx barsThe “Roo’bar” is also a vegetable bar made of hemp and chia, rich in fiber, roughly equivalent from a nutritional point of view to the previous one. Its packaging is smaller (1 bar = 30 g).
  • Slimming protein bars without added sugar:
  • Based on milk and soy protein, peanut-flavored or sugar-free chocolate or other flavors, sweetened.
  • Some bars combine milk protein and egg white powder (brand Gerlinéa) while containing gluten and non-hydrogenated palm oil.
  • Protein bars based on casein (milk protein) and whey (whey) added in powder in the products. Athletes who do bodybuilding prefer them in “dry” (muscle mass) because they are richer in protein, less sweet and less fat.