Top 3 Movies You Can Watch in Fmovies


There are a lot of factors that make a movie great, depending on the genre. While some movies immediately click the moment it releases, other fade and lose their value or sometimes, it didn’t even make an impact. Some movies also gather a lot of success because of their actor’s performance, it simply captures the moment.

This article will rate the top 3 movies that you can watch in fmovies, check it out.

3.) Caddyshack (1980)

Let’s face it, golf is arguably one of the most boring sport to watch. But watching it in this movie Caddyshack will make your perspective different about it. This movie is one of the classic comedy that is centered on golf, Caddyshack is considered one of the funniest movies ever made. It stars comedy legends like Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and Rodney Dangerfield. This movie gained a lot of success because of its concurrent storylines, great soundtrack, a variety of comedic styles and the best pool scene arguably put on film. Caddyshack in on lifetime party comedy that everyone is invited to join.


2.) The Iron Giant (1999)

Just because this film is animated, does not mean that it does not have the same value as other great films have. The Iron Giant is a pure cinematic brilliance sci-fi film featuring a giant alien robot weapon of destruction. The plot of the movie started with a giant robot who crashes into the earth, it was later on rescued by a young boy named Hogarth and the two of them develop a friendship. The film has a genre of war and world destruction from the perspective of a child. The movie will leave you attached to the robot and then breaks your heart in the end.

1.) Forrest Gump (1994)

This may still be open for debate, but Forrest Gump is arguably the best movie ever made. It existed from one generation to another to tell the fictional story of the character who is considered the most likable, honest, caring, and genuinely good person the movie world will ever see. Gump’s character is a role model for everyone, he had the kind of heart that will probably solve the earth’s problem. Besides the fact that the soundtrack of this movie is top notch, it also stars one of the greatest actors of all time Tom Hank. His acting is considered one of the best performances ever. The up and down tempo of this movie leaves you excited for more scenes, it continues with Forrest overcoming diversity throughout the movie. From every heroic act down the second last credit of the film, this movie is flawless. Forrest Gump is still the standard of movie making up to date.